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Restorative dentistry is the field of dentistry chiefly involved in the constructive rebuilding of cariously decayed and traumatically broken teeth with the use of specific restorative materials. The restoration may be applied to a vital (living) or non-vital tooth in specific situations.

A founding principle in the establishment of Pearliwhyte Dental Solutions was to provide a reputable dental service provider whose doctors would endeavour to first – preserve and restore their patients, both children and adults, failing dentition without an immediate reliance on extraction. In so doing the clinic sources top restorative dental materials that improve the prognosis of all restorations placed. This includes the use of high durability, fluoride leaching, cavity adaptable dentine replacement material SDR and high finish, aesthetically pleasing Z250 and filtek supreme composite restoration material, products from 3M.

As an amalgam free clinic, patients are ensured that no materials containing toxic mercury will be knowingly placed into their teeth. The use of top of the range resin based restorative materials that are better resistant to microleakage and subsequent secondary decay formation, and that can be accurately matched to the natural colour of the individuals teeth have proved beneficial aesthetically and biologically.

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