Preventative Dentistry

  • PearliWhyte Oral

As with all other aspects pertaining to health, the philosophy of prevention is better than cure is strictly adhered to at PearliWhyte Dental Solutions.

Full oral examinations are conducted with all new patients and any active pathology is identified and treatments to correct these health issues are included in the individualised treatment plans provided for the patients. Regular checkups are conducted on long standing clientele and dental staff are active in the education of their patients with regards any identified pathologies.

With the view to improve the oral health of our clientele from as early an age as possible, dental staff is active in community dentistry projects such as annual school oral education visits.

Our dental staff also plays an active role in the professional development of Dentistry in Zambia as a whole. The Clinical Director, Dr Maxine Sowden is a current member of the Zambia Dental Association of Zambia executive committee as well as the former editor of the Zambian Dental Journal.

All our dentists and visiting specialists benefit from the close association with colleagues that the clinic allows for. This translates to a more rapid second opinion generation and the more effective and financially efficient treatment of any patient.