Company Profile

Our Mission Statement

“The mission of PearliWhyte Dental Solutions is to remain the leader in the dental market place by accessing, meeting and exceeding customer expectations with regards dental treatment by providing first rate dental care, and therefore providing tangible value for money for our clients and professional growth opportunities for our employees.”

History of Pearliwhyte Dental Solutions

Pearliwhyte Dental Solutions was opened in 2008, and is still operational from Villa 3 Millennium Village, Birdcage walk, Longacres, Lusaka.

The founding directors are Dr. Maxine Sowden and Mr. Viktor Vidmar.
The initial staff structure consisted of one dentist, one dental assistant, one receptionist, and one office orderly. During the course of the last few years in operation, the staff base has increased to include two more dentists, two more dental assistants, and a book keeper.

To date Pearliwhyte has three fully operational dental units with a number of dental specialists available for specialised dental care.