Revised Service Offering in Response to Covid-19

Revised Service Offering in Response to Covid-19

Hello everyone!

We hope that you are staying safe, staying home.

An update on the Covid 19 measures that we have taken – as of next week – as of Monday 20th April, PearliWhyte will be open with skeleton staff. In order to minimise the amount of traffic running through the practice, and to allow maximum safety for our patients and staff, whilst still servicing people in need. This means that only one dentist will be working at any one time.

Additionally, we will not be doing any routine cleanings until further notice – as this procedure produces aerosols, which increases splatter and thus spread of droplets.

We would like to ensure all or patients that we are taking the utmost care, and maximising infection control protocols to keep you safe.

Should you wish to make an appointment, please ensure that you are free of any flu-like symptoms, and please arrive at the practice alone.

Thank you for you understanding. ?.
Stay safe!

For emergencies please call 0977 606364.
Stay home, stay safe.

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