Paediatric Dentistry

  • PearliWhyte Kids

One of our main objectives is to allow children to be introduced into the world of dentistry in a positive way and to make dental visits a routine, healthy experience instead of one which happens only when they are in pain, and hence associated with negativity.  Habit forming starts at a very young age.

With this in mind, the PearliWhyte team spend more time, and effort, in ensuring that our little patients are comfortable and happy.  Undertaking restorative dentistry in children is challenging, as children often have less patience and easily become bored or figgety.  Our staff work well with chidren, to keep them entertained and occupied whilst we work.

As dental Practitioners we would recommend 6 monthly check-ups for children – cavities develop at a rapid rate in children. Regular check-ups will pick-up problems earlier, hence making the solutions less traumatic for the child and less expensive for you!