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When a tooth has been irreversibly affected due to caries, trauma or otherwise, then an endodontic treatment may be carried out.

Endodontics or Root Canal Treatment, as it is commonly called, is the process by which the necrotic(dead) pulpal tissue of a tooth is removed, the tooth is sterilised,  and replaced with a biologically compatible material (gutta percha) that seals off the roots, prevents infection of the apical bone and helps prolong the functional life of a natural tooth. First – preserve and restore.

All endodontic treatments are ensued with an aim to ensure complete apical sealing of all the roots of the affected tooth, thereby preventing any secondary root infection in the future. The use of rapid dental radiographic imaging allows for easy accurate monitoring of the root canal treatment, and the use of the Protaper Endodontic system ensures complete apical and root obturation.

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