New Saturday Service

New Saturday Service

We are delighted to announce that PearliWhyte Dental Solutions will now be open on Saturdays for check-ups and cleans with our lovely dental therapists. Appointments are available between 09:00hrs and 13:00hrs. Please phone: +260-977606364 to book!

What to do if you have a Dental Emergency

If you have ever had a dental emergency, you will understand how frightening and painful it can be. Often people are unsure what constitutes a dental emergency, who they should call, and what they can do at home when they experience a dental emergency. Simply follow these guidelines for determining how to best handle your dental emergency. IS IT URGENT? Certain dental emergencies are urgent while others can be treated later on. It is especially important to understand the difference between the two if you experience a dental emergency over […]

Revised Service Offering in Response to Covid-19

Hello everyone! We hope that you are staying safe, staying home. An update on the Covid 19 measures that we have taken – as of next week – as of Monday 20th April, PearliWhyte will be open with skeleton staff. In order to minimise the amount of traffic running through the practice, and to allow maximum safety for our patients and staff, whilst still servicing people in need. This means that only one dentist will be working at any one time. Additionally, we will not be doing any routine cleanings […]

Dr. Vandita Wadappi, Dental Surgeon (BDS)

PearliWhyte welcomes a new staff member, Dr Vandita Wadappi! Dr Vandita graduated from Rajiv Ghandi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore, India. She has been working in private practices since 2009 and have gained experiences working in India, Tanzania and now in Zambia. Her calm and reassuring nature helps achieve excellent results with patients of all ages. She particularly enjoys treating nervous patients and helping them to overcome their dental fears. Whilst not at work, she is a busy family person with one naughty boy who keeps her on her toes!!

Is there a link between Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular Disease?

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Cardiovascular disease is disease of the heart and the blood vessels.  Usually, cardiovascular disease is only diagnosed once the damage to the heart and blood vessels are in an advanced phase. Therefore, prevention through the modification of risk factors, such as healthy eating, exercise and not smoking is key. Recent research indicates that periodontitis (disease of the bone surrounding the teeth) may be associated with the development of cardiovascular disease. It is believed that the inflammatory proteins and the bacteria found around the teeth of people suffering from periodontitis enter […]

Electric Toothbrush vs. Manual Toothbrush

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When you have to choose between a manual toothbrush and an electric one, which one would you pick? Considering factors such as convenience and plaque cleaning efficiency, the electric toothbrush certainly has an edge over the humble toothbrush. The electric toothbrush makes brushing simple and straightforward. All you have to do is just push one button and place the toothbrush around you teeth for a refreshing cleaning session. Electric toothbrushes are also helpful people with arthritis or rheumatism, which will take the strain off brushing vigourously in order to maintain […]

New Website Live!

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website. Please have a look around and let us know what you think! The PearliWhyte Team